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asleep at mal 9/09
Unfucking my week... 
3/10/12 15:54
asleep at mal 9/09

This is much harder when I'm sick and feverish, glad I'm getting over it now...

Tuesday - didn't cook chicken/broccoli/etc as planned, napped more though and went to bed early. Slept like 14 hours.
Wednesday - made bed, put on layers, read/watched TV, slept a lot more, cooked dinner, another early night.
Thursday - still sick, fever dreams and post about them, made bed, took shower, put on clean layers, read/watched TV, loads of sleep.
Friday - made bed, put on layers, napped in sun, read/watched TV, loaded dishwasher, recovering from cold.
Today - made bed, put on layers, napped and read in the sun, reading/watching TV, may go to Ruin later depending on how I'm feeling (much better but still coughing some).
3/11/12 21:46 (UTC)
busily trying to unfuck my life at the moment as well! gentle, but heartfelt hugs to you lady!