alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

Another week unfucked...

Sunday - woke up early, threw on layers of clothes, went to market, took a nap. Made bed, reheated dinner, took a quick shower & dressed, went to Mal where I danced a lot for me.
Monday - woke up hurting but it was a good, well earned hurt. Made bed, put on nightgown, read/watched TV, reheated dinner, went to bed.
Tuesday - made bed, put on nightgown, loaded and ran dishwasher. Read in the sun, watched some TV, went to bed. Ate something easy in there, either leftovers or grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches.
Wednesday - T had the day off, so laundromat - bleh. Woke up, made french toast for breakfast, sorted laundry. Read in the sun until T was up and ready to load car. Went to laundromat, washed, dryed, folded all the things (well, except for the stuff we forgot like the kitchen rug and his dress shirts - will get them next time). Home, sit in sun for a while, then put laundry away and made the bed with clean sheets. Took a long hot shower - can't climb into clean bed all gross from laundry, plus it helped my shoulders a bit. Definitely had grilled cheeses for dinner. Watched TV and went to bed exhausted and ouchy.
Thursday - napping and reading, didn't get the bed made or nightgown on until after 2pm. Laundry did me in. Eventually made mushroom & asparagus risotto for dinner with T's help, watched TV, another early night.
Friday - made bed, put on nightgown, read in sun. B and friends came over and took the embroidery machine away - it is no longer taking up space, so we moved the cat tree to that corner. Leftovers for dinner, watch TV, bed.
Today - rain sucks but I know we need it. Up at 9 and again at noon (pain is), finally got out of bed and made it/put on nightgown. Read/watched TV in the warm-ish apartment. T helped me load/start dishwasher. Will shave and shower soon, then heat some split pea soup for dinner, nap, get dressed & go to Disko Nekro for hopefully dancing. At least the rain has stopped for now.
Tags: unfuck my life

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