alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

Not much unfucking...

but I did what I could.

Saturday 3/17: didn't dance much at Nekro - rain and cold conspired to make me feel like absolute shite. But I did talk to some friends and hang out, so that was nice.
Sunday 3/18: Got up, made bed, threw on nightgown. Spent most of the day on the patio in the sun reading and napping. Had lunch and dinner at some point. A quick shower, then Mal where I did dance a good bit which was awesome.
Monday 3/19: up, made bed, nightgown, food. Napping and nothing much else at all (recovery day from dancing Sunday).
Tuesday 3/20: headache that wouldn't quit, plans for housework scrapped due to that and T getting home late. I did make the bed and put on my nightgown, eat, read, watch TV, and nap.
Wednesday 3/21: a repeat of Tuesday.
Thursday 3/22: up too early - fractured sleep due to pain and bad dreams, tried several times to go back to bed but eventually gave up. I did make the bed, clean up the kitchen, and fix dinner (crustless quiche and greek salad).
Friday 3/23: Made bed, applied nightgown and ate leftovers, could not get warm all day. Pain continued to be bad (it's spring here which means wetter than normal).
Saturday 3/24: Made bed, put on nightgown, read, ate, watched TV, napping. Soaked in a hot shower - finally warm - and got dressed. Went to n8_zilla's art opening and had grillemall (food truck burgers - yum) for dinner.
Sunday 3/25: "Rain + Pain/Numb feedback loop (shoulders>arms>hands>shoulders>head) = broken sleep and miserable. Nothing helps with this - not meds, heat, tens, hot showers, even corset. This weekend is fired." Eventually got up, made bed, put on nightgown, had leftovers for lunch. Napped a lot. Another hot shower (we didn't shave my head this week - I couldn't have sat up for it) and a proper corset plus pain meds allowed me to go out to dinner for J's birthday and then hit Mal. Interspersed a song or two of dancing with naps all night long (my body was not happy).
Monday 3/26: Finally a bit better, rain stopped for the moment and moisture went down. Made bed, put on nightgown, read/watched TV. Loaded and ran dishes. Ate something.
Tuesday 3/27: Made bed, showered and put on actual clothes - skirt, shirt, thigh highs, shoes. Went out to the grocery store, Bed Bath & Beyond (coffeepot/shower curtain), Petco (cat stuff). Came home and put all the stuff away. Made steak, baked potatoes and sauteed asparagus for dinner.
Wednesday 3/28: Fuck - I overdid it yesterday. Broken sleep, up at 5am, loads of napping throughout the day. Put on nightgown, made bed, had leftovers. Watched some TV and read.
Thursday 3/29: Still sore, more broken sleep, made bed/put on nightgown and loaded dishes anyway. Dinner will be leftovers. The fucking dampness is killing me - shoulders to fingertips numb and in pain again; I even tried putting on a corset - no help. I'll get the shower curtains hung and more sewing done eventually.
Tags: medical, unfuck my life

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