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asleep at mal 9/09
Not much unfucking... 
3/29/12 15:30
asleep at mal 9/09
but I did what I could.

Saturday 3/17: didn't dance much at Nekro - rain and cold conspired to make me feel like absolute shite. But I did talk to some friends and hang out, so that was nice.
Sunday 3/18: Got up, made bed, threw on nightgown. Spent most of the day on the patio in the sun reading and napping. Had lunch and dinner at some point. A quick shower, then Mal where I did dance a good bit which was awesome.
Monday 3/19: up, made bed, nightgown, food. Napping and nothing much else at all (recovery day from dancing Sunday).
Tuesday 3/20: headache that wouldn't quit, plans for housework scrapped due to that and T getting home late. I did make the bed and put on my nightgown, eat, read, watch TV, and nap.
Wednesday 3/21: a repeat of Tuesday.
Thursday 3/22: up too early - fractured sleep due to pain and bad dreams, tried several times to go back to bed but eventually gave up. I did make the bed, clean up the kitchen, and fix dinner (crustless quiche and greek salad).
Friday 3/23: Made bed, applied nightgown and ate leftovers, could not get warm all day. Pain continued to be bad (it's spring here which means wetter than normal).
Saturday 3/24: Made bed, put on nightgown, read, ate, watched TV, napping. Soaked in a hot shower - finally warm - and got dressed. Went to n8_zilla's art opening and had grillemall (food truck burgers - yum) for dinner.
Sunday 3/25: "Rain + Pain/Numb feedback loop (shoulders>arms>hands>shoulders>head) = broken sleep and miserable. Nothing helps with this - not meds, heat, tens, hot showers, even corset. This weekend is fired." Eventually got up, made bed, put on nightgown, had leftovers for lunch. Napped a lot. Another hot shower (we didn't shave my head this week - I couldn't have sat up for it) and a proper corset plus pain meds allowed me to go out to dinner for J's birthday and then hit Mal. Interspersed a song or two of dancing with naps all night long (my body was not happy).
Monday 3/26: Finally a bit better, rain stopped for the moment and moisture went down. Made bed, put on nightgown, read/watched TV. Loaded and ran dishes. Ate something.
Tuesday 3/27: Made bed, showered and put on actual clothes - skirt, shirt, thigh highs, shoes. Went out to the grocery store, Bed Bath & Beyond (coffeepot/shower curtain), Petco (cat stuff). Came home and put all the stuff away. Made steak, baked potatoes and sauteed asparagus for dinner.
Wednesday 3/28: Fuck - I overdid it yesterday. Broken sleep, up at 5am, loads of napping throughout the day. Put on nightgown, made bed, had leftovers. Watched some TV and read.
Thursday 3/29: Still sore, more broken sleep, made bed/put on nightgown and loaded dishes anyway. Dinner will be leftovers. The fucking dampness is killing me - shoulders to fingertips numb and in pain again; I even tried putting on a corset - no help. I'll get the shower curtains hung and more sewing done eventually.
3/30/12 11:01 (UTC)
A "crustless quiche" would be a frittata, wouldn't it?
Sorry to hear you've had such a bad few days. xx
3/30/12 12:46 (UTC)
Hmmm... the cooking method is considerably different (and these days, I use a 9x13" pyrex baking dish and up the quiche recipe to fit). I adapted mine from a Moosewood cookbook quiche recipe, and it's under my cooking tag if you're curious. I don't have an ovenproof skillet to make a frittata in, but if I get one I'll probably try that too.
3/31/12 13:05 (UTC)
am curious, how do the corsets help?

hope the weather dries and you can feel better soon!
4/10/12 0:03 (UTC)
Sorry I missed this - corsets help support my upper back sometimes, which means less pain. But it doesn't always work, and for everyday wear the corsets that do come up that high on my shoulders are horrible for sitting in, so it's not a great fix. But if my shoulders are bad enough to be causing migraines to go with the pretty constant pain there I'll put one on for a while and see if it helps.
4/10/12 21:02 (UTC)
oh. that makes sense. thanks.
if only knee support could look so glamourous ;)