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Unfucking the garden and other stuff...

Woke up at 5am and could not get back to sleep. Not a good start to the day. Tried to nap repeatedly but that failed too.
Put on nightgown, made bed, watched TV and Read. At least the weather was better and I didn't hurt as much.

Woke up around 6 to T's alarm; put on nightgown and made bed, read for a while. Then slept for 4 or 5 more hours on top of the bed, which helped a lot.
Quick shower and dress, gathered food for BBQ, went to BBQ at desiringmachine and n8_zilla's place. Much good food and conversation, not thrilled that it started raining again though.

Sunday: Nightgown, make bed, cleaned up kitchen with T's help. Read, napped. Showered and dressed and ate something. Went to Mal where I danced a bit, talked a bit, and napped more than either of those.

Monday: Nightgown, made bed, slept a whole lot both overnight and in naps. Read and watched some TV.
Tuesday: Sunny & warm - yeah! Nightgown, made bed, read, sewing while watching TV.

Wednesday: Again with the nice weather. I think I'll stop mentioning that or putting on my nightgown/making the bed, unless I don't do those things; they're becoming habits now which is an improvement over not doing them. Sorted most of the laundry, til my arms/shoulders gave out on me. Made dinner - hamburgers & greek salad.

Thursday: Stripped bed, finished sorting laundry, put on work-dress, went to laundromat. Loving the weather here right now. All the things cleaned and dried, the bed now has clean sheets, and other than the hanging stuff still drying everything was put away. Thankfully T does all the heavy lifting, but I was still done by 4 when we got done w/ laundry. Took a hot shower which helped a little, and we splurged and ordered pizza (me safe) for dinner.

Friday & Saturday: (copying T's list of accomplishments - we worked together on this, but he did more of the work than I did)
1. Get groceries.
2. Long overdue Home despot run.
3. Cleared 20 x 7 ivy covered area, including a huge amount of ivy roots and a massive seed.
4. Replaced patio light with solar version, complete with motion sensor.
5. Moved rubber plants out of pots and into space beside building.
6. Planted tiny vine provided by Nate Seubert & Maggie Desiringmachine. Thanks again :D
7. Took Hot tub motor/pump to be repaired. I don't have a required machine press to fix it myself.
8. Moved two palm tree/bush things to better places.
9. Installed edging to hopefully slow down the erosion beside building.
10. Watered plants in new homes.
I also put on real clothes on Friday to go out in public, had ham & eggs for dinner both nights (shared cooking), put back on Thursday's work-dress Saturday and took a hot shower after the gardening - itchy & dirty.

Sunday (also T's list):
1. Untangled beans in planters so they could be moved.
2. Replanted bean vines along the wall on the patio.
3. Planted new tomato plants.
4. Planted cucumber plant.
5. Added edging along back patio wall.
6. Added more top soil to all plants.
7. Re-arranged patio (a bit).
8. Cut up and consumed water melon.
9. Moved and replanted clover to bare areas beside building.
Also put back on work dress, had T shave my head, showered & napped, made dinner (lamb youvetsi with green beans & peppers), went to Mal where I danced and talked but didn't nap this week, came home & passed the fuck out.

Recovering from the busy active weekend. I'm sore, but it is a good sore. Slept a lot, we'll have leftovers for dinner, I will load the dishwasher/wipe down stove. Angry at the world continues, the #US is very disappointing politics wise and yet I can't stop paying attention. Ah well - anger is an energy - which is why I danced last night in spite of the sore - I felt more centered for a little while.
Tags: unfuck my life

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