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Been somewhat slack about updating so...

I've been reading when my brain is working. A Peter Straub re-read marathon right now - in the last few weeks I've done Floating Dragon, Ghost Story, In The Night Room, The Talisman and I've started on Black House. If you like creepy and fantastic novels you should check him out!

And I'll try to remember to do this a bit more often - thankfully I use twitter pretty much daily so I don't lose the basics but...

Lastly - for those of you who knit, I've acquired the basics for starting to teach myself, but I'm curious if you have suggestions for free online videos and/or sources in the US for non-wool natural yarns. I'm allergic to wool and dislike pure acrylics, so cotton, silk, and bamboo alone or blended are what I'm planning on working with. I'll probably suck at this for quite some time, but I promise to post progress pics when I get something to show. Handsewing is good for when I want to sit on the couch and watch 'tv' and I'm not too sore, but it's fucking slow and boring so I figured I'll give this a shot - a lot of you with chronic pain seem to knit.

Lots of unfucking my corner of the world + bonus time with friends in San Diego...

Tuesday 4/10: The usual nightgown, make bed, eat (doing this daily unless otherwise noted). Plus cut out another nightgown to put together.

Wednesday 4/11: Some hand sewing, not much else ("pain is").

Thursday 4/12: Woken at 7am by T's phone, not happy - about 5 hours of broken sleep is not good. Did make dinner but no sewing or real productivity.

Friday 4/13: Rain is on day 3 now, yuck. Coupled with broken sleep again I'm very unhappy. But hey - thunderstorm with big blasts of lightning cheered me up slightly. Nothing productive.

Saturday 4/14: Slept well, rain stopped and the sun came out. Loaded & started dishwasher, had a cup of tea which made me a bit hyper. Then I sewed the front of the nightgown and the foot pocket and started on the back. Which I fucked up and had to pull apart, but wrinkles happen occasionally.

Sunday 4/15: Went to Farmers Market (in my nightgown - they look like flannel dresses to everyone else), then made sunny side up eggs and 'toast' for breakfast. Attempted to nap, didn't but did lay down for two hours. Showered & threw on clothes. Danced a little at Mal, chatted and napped too.

Monday 4/16: Filed taxes, made mushroom & asparagus risotto for dinner. Napped for hours as well.

Tuesday 4/17: Loads of pain, did nothing productive.

Wednesday 4/18: No idea - blank on twitter, no memory of doing anything, a lost day.

Thursday 4/19: Showered and put on nightgown and shoes, gathered clothes, rode in the car to San Diego. Fixed hot dogs for late lunch before the drive. Had dinner with T, stayed in the hotel his work put him up in, slept really badly (hotel beds are way too hard).

Friday 4/20: Put on real clothes, read in the hotel lobby until friends were free. Spent the afternoon with L, had a delicious burger for lunch somewhere in his neighborhood. Saw he and R's new apartment, saw R and the pets briefly, then rode home. Sadly, A couldn't get out so we didn't get to see hir.

Saturday 4/21: Made ham steaks and greek salad for dinner. Had T shave my head, showered and dressed. Went to Disko Nekro where I danced a lot for me and we left early.

Sunday 4/22: Nothing done, naps and lazy day w/ books. Skipped Mal.

Monday 4/23: Put on real clothes. Ran errands and got groceries. Put stuff away. Collapsed on couch.

Tuesday 4/24: "Today has been a wash. Lots of ouch, it's damp and wants to rain. V said he brought it from VA."

Wednesday 4/25: Another wasted day. Dizzy, headache, nausea, ringing in my ears really bad.

Thursday 4/26: Damp and rainy day 4. Slept better last night, so I'm doing some hand sewing (would like to finish the trim on this to wear Saturday). Am going to make fried rice w/ broccoli, mushrooms, chicken and peppers for dinner when T is home to help.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the trim on the skirt I'm modifying, and Saturday will involve working the 'door' at this year's Smashing Party and hanging out with friends.
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