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hi... here's a bit about me, and a request for you to buy my stuff

i am struggling so hard these days, a ton of the stuff below is very difficult. and social security delays continue to screw me over big-time, so i'm selling off parts of my life history and my soul that i really would prefer not to (along with lots of things i can't or don't wear or use anymore).

i'm currently offering 25% off custom orders for clothes and costumes so check out the rest of the for sale tag i've already sold my motorcycle and gear, but there are lots of clothes, corsets, etc for sale. plus my hand forged one of a kind skull pommel katana. eating and staying warm are more important though.

from here on the intro post was originally made in 2010 or so, with occasional updates. feel free to dig into my past posts, ask questions, etc... interaction is good, as long as it's civil; if you're an asshat you will be banned

as to who i am/what i'm interested in:
* i'm an old school punk (for real - born in 1966), now a "dainty punk" living in LA
* i have a bachelors in film/video (after spending three+ years as a chem-e major and realizing i'm good at but don't want to do that stuff) and am all but thesis on a MFA in theatre design (i failed at department politics, and refused to keep paying the department to tell me i was too alternative/confrontational when that was the theatre i love)
* i like cooking, sharing food with friends, clubbing, reading (everything from tolkien to shakespeare, atwood to allende, artaud to gaiman, kiernan, ellis, jemisin, butler, buckell, morrison and
...), theatre, good films, fun movies. but my main passions now are creating stuff - usually custom clothing and costumes for me and others, and getting lost in the music and dancing. dance is the only place i sometimes feel free and centered so i fight for it with all i have
* i'm polyamorous, queer, i fail at fitting into traditional gender or sexual roles, and i sometimes write about that stuff, but it's always flagged for those of you who don't want to read it. as far as pronouns go, i prefer they/them but she/her is acceptable. *labels i claim include genderqueer, lgbtq, hard femme, freak, goth, rivethead, punk, activist, feminist, atheist, disabled
* i'm mixed-race, more feminine than masculine in appearance, pan/bisexual and very anti-racism, anti-patriarchy, anti-homophobic, anti-rape, pro equality and i write about that too
*there a cute, bitey, projectile shedding princess named pris who owns me. she keeps me warm and her purrs are called sleepyons because they often knock me out which is helpful on bad pain days
* i've had arthritis in my right hip since a fracture over 20 years ago, and chronic pain in my shoulders/upper back forever. i have been more recently diagnosed (between 2005 and 2007) with hashimoto's thyroid/auto-immune adrenal deficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and related health fail. i'm still learning how to cope with these conditions as they get worse - although figuring out the right treatment for this many problems is hard
*i have what the neurologist calls transient global amnesia; no known cause for that other than that it started after an extremely bad reaction to lyrica in 2009. it really fucks me up - so when i forget who you are, it's not you; i couldn't pick out my family most of the time. and my love of reading is way hard to indulge now, my cheats for keeping shit straight require cheats, and i may ask you to fill in blanks in my memory if we hang out regularly
*i can't afford some of the suggested treatments and struggle to pay for the absolute must haves; i don't a job, and medi-cal (thanks aca) helps but not enough. i've been fighting to get social security since 2010; they keep dragging their feet on a decision on my appeal from december 2014 (the latest word after my january 2016 er visit is hopefully april or may 2016, but please send them a detailed update and that i "should" be qualified). donations are welcome if you want to help me get through life til then...

note: a donation of $25 or more will get you a custom phone sleeve, glasses sleeve or change purse made of flannel or velvet or jersey remnants (just send me measurements). this is my phone sleeve:

All public posts are open to sharing, quoting, and commenting under a creative commons non-commercial license. Just make sure you link back here.

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