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What I did with my summer...

So the unfucking has been slowly progressing, and our apartment looks fairly decent except the pile of mail that cycles across the table without ever really disappearing. And T and I have spent most of our weekends since mid-July redoing the electrical on a friend's art car (and go-kart 'coffin racer') for Burning Man.

Let's see - looking back my last update on life was late June. I spent the remainder of June and the majority of July struggling with my broken. Sick with a cold, stomach viruses at least twice, and loads of bad pain days, days where I was freezing, etc. My body and I have been at war with each other a lot this year, and I'm tired of that. We've had a few hot days in August which is nice, but this summer is still unseasonably cool and overcast which is not what I need; LA is none-the-less better than the east coast weatherwise.

I also had two appointments with doctors for Medi-Cal; the MD appointment was ridiculously perfunctory, the Psych was at least present and paying attention. Still have no idea what comes next as I haven't heard back from them, but I'm hoping at least I'll get health coverage at some point.

My responsibility for the work on the art car was lots of simple, easy stuff - connect this wire to that switch, light, etc. Also zip tie those loose wires together out of the way of the spinning thing, tighten this bolt when I tell you to. And a lot of sit there and tell me what happens when I turn this signal on, pull this switch, and so-on. Some days I was fairly functional and actually did shit, lots of days I was pretty useless, but the car works as do all the add-ons (or at least it did when we last worked on it before it was loaded into a truck to take to the playa). The most complicated thing I worked on was wiring switches for the flood lights and flamethrowers, and testing the turret that raises the flamethrowers up over the roof of the car; it took multiple tries and suggestions from four people but eventually we got it working.

The apartment was cleaned and sorted mostly because djpsyche was coming to visit, and we were going to have people over to see her Saturday. T did all the heavy lifting, major cleaning, and so-on; I dusted, found things homes, and did some vacuuming/sorted laundry for him to take to the laundromat. It was a good but exhausting weekend, even with lots of lazing around the apartment and naps, but the small gathering was fun and it was good to have people over.

That's about it; I'm bruised and torn up from working on the car (stupid broken - I shouldn't be black and blue from the bits I did), but I feel like I did something productive. And strangely, working on ridiculous projects is fun even when I suck at it. I promise to post pictures of the car and coffin racer eventually; I'm hoping S & R get some good ones of them in action on the playa.
Tags: creativity, la life, unfuck my life

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