alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

Day 2...

The rest of yesterday was quiet too, even for me. I did a bit of reading, streamed food pron, made french toast for dinner (T did the slicing), and ate half a small gaia melon for dessert. The reading was a struggle for me; I love greygirlbeast and I'm about halfway through her Confessions of a Five Chambered Heart. But I keep having to go back and re-read the last pages/paragraphs/stories to get things to make sense. My broken has totally fucked up my ability to read new things and that is incredibly frustrating; I've been working on this collection for weeks and I feel like I'm losing what I've read almost instantly.

I also napped for a few hours after lunch; I fell asleep on the couch I think and then limped into bed - it was a rough day pain/numb wise. Went to bed again around 11pm after sleepy/pain meds kicked in; my sleep was fractured as hell last night. I was awake repeatedly, took a second dose of sleepy/pain meds around 6am (I should sleep through the night for 8-10 hours, but my body isn't cooperating so I'm having to take more meds than I'd like or normally take) and now I feel underslept and fuzzy. I dragged ass out of bed around noon and took morning meds, and I'll go have something to eat shortly.

I'm also pissed off at my memory holes today; my timeline is awash in 9/11 and I cannot remember a damn thing. I grew up in NYC, I lived in DC when the plane hit the Pentagon, I know there was impact to me personally but I've got nothing except what feels like a bunch of blank spots. This is not how 45 year old brains are supposed to work.
Tags: meds, memes & writers block

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