alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

Day 3 of a pretty typical week...

After my last post I ate lunch, watched some food porn, worked with T to fix dinner (grilled purple potatoes, corn, and ribs), took bedtime meds and crashed a bit after 11.

Fractured sleep day ??... by fractured I mean that even with the sleepy and pain meds I was up at 3:30ish, 5:15ish, 6:30ish, and 7:30ish before I gave up and dragged ass out of bed around 8:30. Each time I was up due to pain, rolled around and stretched for at least 10-15 minutes until I got comfortable enough to fall asleep and then woke up in pain again shortly. My body does this for days or weeks on end (usually when it's damp and/or cold out; we're having damp right now), and then it'll sleep through the night for a while. But the thing is, with Chronic Fatigue/ME and Fibromyalgia plus all my other problems I need to sleep for 8-10 hours solid or with at most one break in order to be at my (broken) best the next day. Until I start sleeping through the night again my pain will start at a higher level than the 5s I like so much, and get progressively higher as the day goes on.

So yesterday was a less than good pain day, as is today. Hoping I sleep through the night tonight finally.

In the meantime today I've been pretty braindead - spent most of my time reading online curled up on the couch or in a comfy chair. Other than the couple of things I retweeted I can't even tell you what I've read, and the retweets are rapeculture stuff so that's apparently what my brain thinks is important at the moment.

I did load dishes from last night and run the dishwasher (T will unload it when he gets home) and have a sandwich for lunch. And I must have taken morning meds because my brainmeats are clear enough to make this post and I think it's lucid.

My shoulders and arms are a mess of pain, and my legs are burning numb from my hips down. So it goes; I have websites to read/watch and comfortable furniture inside and on the patio, so I'm as well as can be expected. The thing is that I'd prefer it if things weren't quite so tough on a day to day basis - more good days would be excellent.

Oh, and there are finally some pics of the artcar we worked on up for you to see...
Tags: creativity, la life, meds, memes & writers block, unfuck my life

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