alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

update with voice to text

okay so I'm having a really crap pain day but my new phone I have does voice to text so I thought I'd try an update.lately I've been struggling with ridiculous levels of what I call burning numb. you know how it feels when you hit your funny bone really hard? Well I have that starting at about the middle of my back running under my shoulders and down my arms to my fingertips and from my hips to my toes a lot of the time. it sucks.

that said I'm otherwise coping fairly well with life and sewing when my body cooperates. my mom came to visit the week after Halloween and she wanted to take a trip up the coast to San Louis Obispo and Hearst Castle and Monterey. it was a good trip, but it definitely exhausted me in a bad way. we took the train from LA to San Louis Obispo then rented a car and drove from there up the 1, I did not know that the ocean would be so many shades of purple and green and blue but especially lots of purple. Hearst Castle was cool but too much on the stairsand we both loved the jellyfish and seahorse slash sea dragons at the Monterey aquarium. we had some excellent. meals my favorite was at a little cafe in San Louis is this though which was right next to the stream.

okay so this sounds a little disjointed but at least you know I'm still alive and my brain is sort of working today.
I apologize for the piss poor punctuation capitalization excetra but I'm not going back to fix it by hand.

we also had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner potluck with friends and went dancing Thursday and Saturday when I wasn't feeling so crappy. Now I'm going to go listen to some books or watch quote TV and quote. I hope everyone out there is doing well and not stressing too much about the holiday season.

oh and I can't remember if I posted here about Halloween dash T picked drawings from deviantart for ourcostumes and I spent about 2 months with his help making those happen. They turned out really well and I promise to post pictures both of the drawings and the finished product once some good ones are online. But I was really proud of how good they looked when we were done, and it was nice to be able to finish things that I had never made or patterned beforewithout commercial patterns and to be happy with the results.

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