alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

What would I do...

Meme via rosefox, what I would do if $N dropped into my lap some legal non-taxable (or post-tax) way:

$10: Treat myself to a drink at the club.

$100: Pay for 1/2 of one month's medications, without needing to ask for help.

$1000: Woot. My meds will be covered for five months.

$10,000: Go to the doctor, the dentist, the eye doctor and get everything taken care of for a while - without insurance those things are expensive.

$100,000: I've got two years of life expenses covered, with about $10,000 left over to pay back my parents and/or do some travel.

$1,000,000: All of the above, plus buy a home (or at least make a huge downpayment on one).

$5,000,000: My dream is to find a well located warehouse space to convert into apartments on the upper floors with a middle floor common area for gatherings, a rooftop garden and pool/hot tub area, and studio/work space on the ground floor for all my fellow creatives. Rent would be minimal, but everyone would need to teach classes for interested teens in their specialty area once a month or more - that part I'd set up as a non-profit, and we'd work to get as many low income teens to attend as possible.
Tags: creativity, memes & writers block

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