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asleep at mal 9/09
LA life... 
6/25/13 13:38
asleep at mal 9/09
So lately I've been spending a lot of time during the week doing very little, because my body is being incredibly uncooperative. But I'm saving my energy for weekends - I want to have a bit of a life. Our Sunday club nights are back, at a new location, which makes me happy. Good music and friends are worth the wait and the aftermath. And I get to dance for a bit, which is the one time I feel centered and like myself.

I also marched in LA Pride this year with the Bent-Con group. I cosplayed a gender bent Spider Jerusalem. Not really happy with the way the sunglasses came out (or the fact that I broke them), so I'll probably revisit them before Bent-Con.

Me, with Zach (as The Doctor) and Eric.

We also hosted a pair of BBQs Memorial Day weekend - Sunday was the LA/East Coast contingent, to celebrate Bellz' and Jody's birthdays. Monday was the rest of our friends. Both days were lovely, and I had lots of help getting ready/cleaning up and other people handled most of the grilling, although I was wiped out afterwards.

And this past Saturday evening was spent at Big Art Labs at another BBQ/gathering; this time for Bellz' and Jody's 20th 'Maniversery'. It was lots of fun even though I was feeling really crappy because the face!pain! would not quit; sorry if I seemed grumpy or anti-social at times everyone - I did my best.

I'm sometimes amazed that I have so many friends who are willing to be patient with me and help when I'm less than with it. I love and appreciate all of you! Especially T who has gone above and beyond lately as I fail to cope with this new face!pain!

A bit about face!pain! if you want to read it... It feels like someone has been beating the lower half of my face with a sock full of quarters - pretty much all the time, no matter what I do or what meds I take. It's pretty fucking unbearable and very very exhausting. Add that to the normal I'm broken and I am barely coping.

Oh, and yes, I've seen a dentist - there doesn't seem to be a cause for the face!pain!, in that I don't have cavities or anything that are hitting the nerves - it's probably a combo of TMJ and fibro pain. That said, I need about $6000 in dental work done - old fillings that need replaced, and new veneers to replace the bonding on my front teeth from when I was about 8 and broke them in half. Of course I still have no insurance or income, so how to pay for that is a big unknown. One step at a time; cleaning is next in mid-July.
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6/25/13 22:29 (UTC)
Sadly, these prices are comparable to UCLA Dental School, and with a dentist who'll work with me on both payments and the fact that I'm allergic to so many medications. There are fillings that need to be replaced in 13 spots, and I can't have amalgams, so they're more expensive. Any one is $100+. Dental schools around here are ridiculously not cheap.
6/25/13 22:32 (UTC)
And the new porcelain to replace the three front teeth that are half bonding from 30+ years ago are $800 or more each. No other options, and it needs to be done as the bonding is becoming brittle (it wasn't meant to last this long).
6/25/13 22:31 (UTC)
I've had friends who have done the same, although you'll want to be cautious with the TMJ.

Love your costume, and I'm glad that you're getting out some, despite it all!


6/25/13 22:33 (UTC)
Hugs to you as well; I hope things are going as well as can be expected for you!
6/30/13 21:11 (UTC)
I LOVE that you were Spider Jerusalem. One day I know I'll shave my head again and I'm definitely doing that for Halloween.

Thank you for having us on Memorial Day! I hope the face pain stops soon :(