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On dining out...

Below is a comment I made here: It talks about one of the things I love about living in LA.

What a lovely story. As a lifeong punk who loves good food, I have often wished to be treated with such respect. Here in LA they do, and I love it. But I do dress to go out (NYC native, it's expected at clubs, etc) although I still set off freak alarms.

Even when dessed to the nines, and clearly out for a good meal, I've been treated like dirt. They'll seat us next to the kitchen door, assign the most asshat server, and rush us through a meal because we're freaks. One of the worst was a VD at a 5* in DC; rude, condescending service, and less than stellar food because people like me can't possibly get it. Even complaints to the manager while there and after the fact were met with disdain. I understand that I don't look like a yuppie, but treat me like any other patron - if I'm at your restaurant I can afford it, I want to enjoy your offerings, and just like any other patron I shouldn't be laughed at. Fuck a bunch of that bullshit.

One of the many plusses of LA is that high $ places assume we're rock stars or film industry. So the bald girl and her strange looking friends must know what they're doing. It is a good thing, one that even NYC has failed at too often.
Tags: back east, la life

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