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We don't celebrate thanksgiving in typical USian style, but I wanted to take a minute to note the things in my life that I'm thankful for whether they're things I've earned or been given or gotten by sheer luck...

My wonderful partner who does his best to take care of me and supports us both, and that his other partner and I get along really well.
My parents for helping out in so many ways.
My family (both blood and chosen) and amazing friends near and far, in person and online. You're a big part of why I keep fighting to have a life.
My doctor and all the medications that keep my broken as well managed as possible.
Our snuggly, bitey, fuzzy kitty who's lazing in bed as I type.
The fact that I have a place to live and a community to help me cope.
Dancing and music.
Technology that makes life a bit easier to handle.
The privilege I was born with, and the fact that I usually don't appear as broken as I am (at least not until I open my mouth and can't remember the words).
Dinner today with family of choice, friends, good food, drinks and a fire to curl up by.
That I landed in Los Angeles when I moved - it's not perfect, but I can't think of anywhere else I'd want to be. And that there was a wonderful group of people here, both old and new, to spend time with.
That today is a good day.
Tags: back east, dancing, deep? thoughts..., la life, medical

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