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A-Z of Goth Fashion from (via angldst)

A) What accessories do you wear everyday?
For me, this almost never comes off...
Stainless piercing jewelry - pointed loops in front, small hoops with spring closures in back, barbell in tongue
Sterling silver bracelets - one cuff with onyx on the left wrist, two heavy chains that need repair and I notice them missing on my left wrist; on my right wrist two silver cuffs plus three chains
Necklaces - jade on cord that was a gift from Christopher back in the Traxx days, two sterling chains, plus one sterling and marcasite crescent moon/star on a twisted chain and a sterling ball chain with a book locket (it used to have gears on it but they came off, so I plan to have it engraved with an atheist A, the poly infinity, and the LGBT triangle when I can).

B) What is your beauty routine?
I'm bad at this. I use caress soap, ponds face scrubs, burt's bees lip gloss and moisturizer/sunscreen. I rarely wear makeup, and even the lipgloss is only when I'm out with friends, etc. Thank fuck I inherited good genes/skin. Oh, and olay classic age defying eye gel to help with the circles before going out.

C) What was the last item of clothing (for yourself) that you purchased?
A ghostridr skirt from plastik wrap.

D) Do you use a dresser, closet, or both?
Closets, some plastic storage drawers in one of the closets, plus a bunch of nice storage boxes full of clothes, stockings, etc. And under the bed 16" tall rectangular bins for corsets and fabric and stuff that needs repair.

E) What type of earrings are in your ears right now?
Stainless piercing jewelry - pointed loops in front, small hoops with spring closures in back

F) What type of figure do you have?
Thin, a bit of an hourglass with not much in the way of breasts, long legs.

G) Do you wear glasses?
Not really

H) What type of handbag do you carry?
I generally don't, but the one I do have is from English Retreads. I also have a backpack and a laptop bag from them, and cases for cell phones and such.

I) What is your ideal style?
Classic lines, lots of black and jewel tones, everything from the princess bride dress ( to cargo skirts and t-shirts to bustle skirts and corsets. Always with heels - even my sneakers have a 3" heel.

J) What is your favorite brand of jeans?
I don't wear jeans or pants, unless you count on the motorcycle, and those are heine gerrick custom leathers or icon's kevlar denim.

K) Do you wear knee-high stockings?
Rarely - I tend to go for thigh high stockings and/or heavy thigh high tights. Toe bed socks and bare feet for pumps or ankle socks under boots.

L) Do you have to wear matching lingerie?
For clubbing sort-of, otherwise I rarely wear any lingerie at all. Mostly for club it's lace tangas or boyshorts, colored to match my ensemble. Occasionally a bra with an underbust corset, or a dress that needs extra support.

M) Do you wear makeup?
Other than the above mentioned burt's bees lip gloss (in plum), I don't usually. If I am for some reason feeling uber dressy I might manage mascara and basic eyeshadow. No foundation or blush or lip liner or anything - I've never learned how and don't want to waste energy/time on that when I don't need to.

N) Do you wear nightgowns?
To bed? Rarely. But my daily wear is flannel nightgowns shaped like the princess bride dress ( only without angel wing sleeves.

O) What outerwear do you put on when going out on a typical winter's day?
I live in LA so... a cropped leather jacket, a tripp canvas jacket or a modified cassock depending on the weather/what I'm doing.

P) What is your favorite perfume?
BPAL - I like things like blood amber, scheherezad, morocco and antikythera mechanism - spicy, incense and amber bases.

Q) Is your motto "quality over quantity" when it comes to clothing and accessories?
Quality. Also often I can make that better for less even counting my time.

R) Do you wear rain boots?
No - LA

S) Do you wear socks or slippers when your feet get cold?
Socks or sock dreams thigh highs

T) Do you travel with a lot of luggage?
I rarely travel; if I can I shoot for either the english retreads laptop bag or backpack plus a wheeled carryon size suitcase.

U) What is your daily uniform?
Flannel nightgowns from N, bare feet or heels

V) If you are married, did you wear a veil with your wedding dress? If not, how did you do your hair?
No veil, purple mohawk pulled into a loose curly ponytail.

W) Do you wear a watch?
Rarely; I do have my great-grandmother's pink gold watch for vintage dress-up.

X) What item of clothing always makes you feel beautiful?
Something that shows off my legs.

Y) What is your favorite type of yarn?
Cotton, silk or silk/bamboo blends (note: I don't knit and I'm allergic to wool)

Z) Do you prefer zippers or buttons?
Zippers for dresses if necessary, buttons or snaps for coats and skirts.
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