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asleep at mal 9/09
6/21/14 12:02
asleep at mal 9/09
We do a fair amount of outdoor cooking here, and I thought I'd share a few tips. This week it was husk on corn cobs (soak in h2o before pulling over low flame, flip once, til tender) and bbq ribs.

For the ribs, we've often just put them on the grill, but they're not tender enough that way. So they went on a sheet tray covered in spice rub then foil and into a 250F oven for ~ 3 hours. Then coat in sauce and grill, turning once, until those crispy outer edges show up.

Mmm... steak. My current favorite is tri-tip on the grill; we usually spice liberally but that's it. The major trick we use aside from good quality beef or buffalo is to pull it out of the fridge ~ 2 hours before cooking to come up to room temp slowly as it cooks more evenly. And it's frequently $5-6 per pound, cheaper than strips with a good fat cap for moisture.

For amazing recipes and detailed hints, check out http://www.seriouseats.com.
7/11/14 7:11 (UTC) - Yay!
Always down for new cooking tips. Haven't grilled much lately. I should do that more, once it cools down enough to not be so miserable. (Bet ya don't miss this area, do ya?)

I miss you! *hugs*
7/11/14 15:51 (UTC) - Re: Yay!
Nope. People yes, east coast not a bit.

If you have a gas grill, low and slow isn't as bad when it's hot out, and requires little attention. Only one side hot, the meat etc is on the other side, grill temp 250-300. And the kitchen stays cool.