alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

49th birthday celebrations (x-post from failbook...)

as i start my 50th year on this mostly fucked up planet, i would love to be surrounded by friends, chosen family and good people. help me make it happen if you're in or able to be in los angeles?

10/18 - ♪♫ B4-Y2K "2.0" ♬♪ this is my first choice for everyone to come to, and if people want to grab food before or after i'm game - but mostly i want you all to come dance with me ;)
10/22 - actual dob - not sure yet what if anything i'm doing, but if i don't have stuff to do i'm open to suggestions
10/23 - MALEDICTION SOCIETY most likely - again with the dancing and friends - and as above, food before or after would not be amiss
10/24 - byop pumpkin carving with east coast expats and a few locals; downtime with my 'family' in all the ways that count
Tags: clubbing, dancing, la life

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