alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

rollercoasters - whee! (birthday week recap)

last sunday - one of my favorite clubs b4y2k; old school 80's and 90's - synth, goth, industrial, punk, etc. so much good music, people i adore spending time with, and i actually paid for it mostly in advance. bonus flirting with a few friends including my current fwb. someone did steal my nearly full pack of smokes, but meh. i hit center and stayed there for a good while. in other words, as close to perfect as possible.

actual birthday thursday - totally chilled out day of napping with miss pris; i wanted to build up more of a reserve for the weekend

friday - mal was full of good music and people i adore. and rather than grabbing food out after the club, my dd and co came into my place for chicken and rice and conversation. the food was a hit, and i'm lucky to have these people in my life.

saturday - pumpkin carving/bbq was spent talking and eating with occasional cooking duties; the ridiculously huge tri-tip i brought was delicious and i cut off a hunk for sunday's picnic. discretion/valor and all that meant i didn't carve a pumpkin (as usual), but that's just fine. and i was slightly surprised that vicarz came by - it was great to catch up, and he gave me a ride back over the hill.

sunday - six flags was sooo much fun even if we got a really late start. a friend took me to ride coasters, and they are adrenaline junkies too, so it worked ridiculously well. we rode x2, tatsu, apocalypse, twisted colossus twice, green lantern, scream, and golaith twice. i brought in my flask, which meant that adding it to fresh squeezed lemonade made sort-of an amaretto sour. the fright-fest actors were somewhat frustrated with us as they couldn't scare either of us, and on several occasions we scared them - still even without paying for the upgrade to the mazes what we saw of frightfest was well done. and at close we went out to have a post ride tailgate of tri-tip, three cheese bread and cambazola and havarti cheeses with more amaretto for me and iced coffee for them - multiple people walked passed drooling over our belated dinner but we just (unobviously) laughed; not my fault you didn't think of packing a picnic. i'm not sure which is my favorite coaster now - twisted colossus is an amazing fast wooden coaster with multiple corkscrews (yes, upside down) while goliath is a steel coaster that pulls off the hang time of a great wooden coaster. today, given the weather at 10pm+ (fog had rolled in so...) we had this beautiful moon and the park through heavy fog i'd go goliath, but twisted colossus was excellent too. but either way, a phenomenal day for both of us.

in between, i spent a shit-ton of time sleeping to recover and/or to build up energy for the next thing; miss pris was a huge help there as she makes 'kitty sleepions'. that said, tomorrow is definitely another recovery day - i'm okay, but everything hurts plus i'm down to 198.8 lbs (too light). i've even been extra cautious about meals/calories. i also did a lot of thinking about what i wear and shoe choice to minimize the pain, using my cane and/or getting rides with friends, etc. but even being smart about it, pain is. that said, what an amazing week+; i hope my 50th celebration is this good.

i am incredibly lucky to have so many good people in my life; we're all majorly misanthropic but we love and take car of each other. so selective misanthropy for the win?

eta: i lost last sunday to transient global amnesia; the write up was thanks to my friends filling me in on the evening. but i was pretty sure i'd had a blast based on how i felt monday - my legs and hip were balls of pain, which is usually because i've done something fun and i was right.
Tags: clubbing, dancing, la life

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