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good weekend - and productive too :)

so this weekend was lots of fun... went out to the brickskeller friday with uman, hemloche, zooom, drogo & mark, had a much better experience than the visit 2 weeks ago... went to delierium for a bit, the music was pretty decent this week and they were giving away tix to see the go-go's reunion tour (which of course we didn't win as neither zooom nor i could remember all 5 members names)... saturday i did housework and then heather and i went to orpheus (my date got cancelled :( but we're going to try to get together sometime this week) danced lots & lots, had a very good time at the club... sunday was sewing circle, i managed to get the lining in zooom's purple vinyl duster/trench/robes; just need to get buttons and buttonholes done and then it's ready to wear... naiomi and rebecca were both working on cloaks, rebecca got hers done from start to finish so she's feeling accomplished too... time to do some work now
Tags: creativity, dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans

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