alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

how is it november 20th already?

hallowe'en weekend was good if a bit much; i worked the door for the hex hallowe'en ball at monte cristo and froze my but off til i got to go get drinks and things cleared out enough for me to dance a little. i also resized the erte cosplay i did in 2008 or 2009; pictures of that eventually when i get the headpiece fixed and someone to take them.

i've been keeping myself semi-busy fixing all the clothes that are too big as i'm down to consistently tiny and tired of having everything pinned on, plus summer wear i can get away with that, but winter clothes are heavy and don't look right or stay on. we had a few weeks of ludicrous cold snap (like down 25 degrees farenheit in a day) weather here, but thankfully we're back to normal for la fall now, 70s and 80s daytime and 50s nights; cold but doable.

inspired by danabren i've been using nonewsomo to help motivate myself to finish some of the repairs and resizing. starting with the erte cosplay (which was technically october), i've completed repairs on two skirts and have one that needs washed before putting it back together smaller, a shirt/vest, my assassin's creed cosplay, and a bunch of fiddly repairs like loose buttons and nightgowns with holes in them. i've also gotten back to work on my new winter coat, which was at the point of needing sleeves, collar, etc when i put it down two years ago, but when i picked it up again it needed 6" of fabric removed in the upper body before i could resume work. now back to fighting with sleeves - i love the finished product this (now heavily modified) cassock makes, but the sleeves are the bane of my existence every time i work on one of them.

i've also been sleeping a ton as it's cold out, and my body doesn't like that so much. often i get up early-ish for me, then go nap in the sun for a while, other days i've spent 16 hours asleep out of 24. but i'm still getting out with friends whenever i can - i've even found center in dance once or twice recently. oh, and i found out that unlabeled, hidden soy is common in vegetable stock much to my anger - a huge pot of split pea soup with ham that i can't eat and made me sick for a week (i dropped two more pounds which i am still struggling to regain) has been fed to friends.

photos by and, cosplay inspiration from, sword and daggers from shark.


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