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roommate(s) wanted - koreatown area of los angeles (share me?)

roommate(s) wanted.

large 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment in koreatown near first and vermont. the empty bedroom is about 10'11" x 15'3" with a 3'4" x 4'5" walk in closet; the living room ~11'6"x14'6" with a small balcony through the arched window/doors and dining room (or office or...) ~10'6x14'6" are also yours.

there's a garage with room for second car and a visitor to park off-street, and a patio area with a pavillion, table & chairs and room for a grill, etc. we have a washer and gas dryer in the utility room (i need to get the washer fixed at the moment, it's not draining properly). this is a pet friendly building (there's a cat, another one or two would be fine as would a small to mid-size pup).

the location is great. because of the large living room and dining room, this would be an ideal place for someone who runs a business from home or needs a home office!

please feel free to share with your los angeles area friends. first month's rent plus security due at move in. contact me to see the unit and discuss rent, utilities, etc.

pictures below are to give you an idea of the space (featuring high ceilings, hardwood floors, and lots of big windows); the empty bedroom and bathroom are being completely repainted this weekend (as of 2/4/16). the living room/dining room are currently being worked on as there was someone living in there previously who trashed the space. the living room will be completely redone and the dining room will be emptied, cleaned and have touch up paint done by the end of the month.

empty bedroom


living room

dining room


this bedroom is the smallest at ~10'x14'6" and still comfortably contains an extra large queen size bed, bookshelves etc and a full size dining room table/work space to give you an idea of how much room there really is...

p.s. anyone can comment but if you're not using livejournal, please give me an email to contact you.
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