alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

raid my closet part 1: boots

new rock boots - sold

underground winklepickers, size 7 UK, barely worn, mid-calf - 9 buckle (similar to
$50 + shipping

these are fabulous boots, but they're too big and don't have a high enough heel rise for me to wear anymore. the undergrounds are virtually unworn.

i accept paypal, and will ship anywhere you're willing to pay me to ship. if you're local to los angeles, we should be able to meet so you can pick your things up.

expect more posts throughout the week - i'm struggling with bills so i'm getting rid of a lot of clothes that are too big for my new size and i can't easily alter. if you've wanted to raid my closet, now is the perfect time!

p.s. these are public posts, please share them anywhere/everywhere you think might have interest - here, facebook, twitter, wherever. thanks!
Tags: for sale

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