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asleep at mal 9/09
skull pommel handforged katana for sale 
2/1/16 19:10
asleep at mal 9/09
made by Shark (of Shark's Cove at Maryland Renfaire and other faire sites).

this is a hand forged, full tang, high carbon steel katana with a wood grip and brass pommel, ferrule and guard. it comes with a custom made leather scabbard with copper rivets.

blade length ~2'3", grip length to pommel ~1', weight without scabbard ~2.8 pounds.

it's a gorgeous sword, beautifully weighted and i love the stylized skull. i wouldn't be selling this if i didn't have to, but i need to eat...

price including scabbard $1000 (it was at least $1250, but i think the deposit and scabbard were a separate bill and i can't find that receipt).

if you're in the los angeles area, we can arrange an in person meeting for pickup; if not you're responsible for shipping and handling (i shipped it here when i moved from MD to los angeles, i believe professional packing and shipping with insurance ran me about $75).

please share this far and wide (facebook, sca groups, martial arts pages, anywhere you wish)

i can't believe i have to sell my sword. please help me find a good home for him.