alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

raid my closet part 2 - corsets, bustier & cinchers

these are all too big for me at my current 23" natural waist size; as i plan to stay where i am size wise, i'm offering them for sale at great prices. pieces by brute force leather, house of worship, vollers, tripp nyc, living dead souls & heavy red. if you're not a los angeles local, you're responsible for shipping fees.

brute force leather laser cut heavy leather underbust corset $250
super dark purple to black with green burmese python skin insert
25" waist when laced shut, when i bought this i was a 29-30" natural waist, suitable for tight lacing

house of worship underbust corset $125
deep red textured velvet corset with vinyl trim
24" when laced closed, suitable for tightlacing, 4-6" waist reduction

vollers overbust corset $125
purple satin with black web overlay and velvet trim (note: some smooth spots on the velvet from wear, does not affect the structure and are not visible except in bright light)
24" waist when closed, suitable for tightlacing, 4-6" waist reduction

tripp nyc bustier $30
pinstripe (somewhat faded) black stretch/cotton fabric, satin lacing, d ring details
size small, 27" waist when folded/zipped

living dead souls black vinyl waist cincher $40
fully lined with privacy panel, heavy steel busk & boning at lacing, plastic boning elsewhere
size large, 27" waist when laced closed, bought for a 30" waist gentleman then barely worn (style choice, not discomfort/size), i wore it a few times at 28", but it was too big to offer any support

heavy red waist cincher SOLD
burgandy and red cotton striped fabric with black trim, heavy steel boning and busk

p.s. part 1, new rock boots and underground 9 buckle winklepickers is here:
part 3, skirts, shirts, dresses, pants, etc:
my sewing skills on sale too:
and my katana is still for sale here:
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