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asleep at mal 9/09
raid my closet part 3: dresses, skirts, pants, tops - lip service, tripp, made by me, etc 
2/11/16 12:41
asleep at mal 9/09
sizes range from 29" waist to 32" waist...

lip service alice style bustle skirt - sold
white with black mandarin style shirt - sold

tripp nyc pinstripe bondage pants $20
32" waist, lower legs can be worn open over boots or zipped closed for a tighter fit

lip service skeleton print jacket with back lacing - stretch canvas $25
size medium, unstretched size 34" chest, 29" waist (can be made smaller by tightening corset lacing) - i've only ever worn this once

1940s style heavy white canvas dress (vintage vogue pattern) $50
bust 32-34", waist 30-34" (i can set the back snaps or let you adjust to a perfect fit with a few stitches)
i made this for me, and opened the back to show off my ink; it has huge pockets hidden in the side seams
dress can be worn with a crinoline for extra fullness

vintage swing style red dress $25
bust 32", waist 28"
can be worn with a crinoline for added fullness. this has never been worn but the tags have been removed (i bought it when we were planning on taking swing dance lessons; that never happened before we split)

black veggie leather panel skirt $20
two snaps on each side, i can adjust this for waists 29-32"

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2/12/16 10:23 (UTC)
Hope you find some takers! Most of your too-big stuff is too big for me too, so good luck.