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custom clothes and costume work on sale!!

get something new for the labyrinth of jareth, renfaire, or start early on your halloween costume. kilts, dresses, skirts, pants, coats and other custom creations including ren/medieval styles are all sale too. i'm offering my sewing skills at a huge discount right now...

while i'm searching for a roommate i'm having to pay the rent on my whole apartment, which is way out of my budget. so i'm offering a special deal right now but you'll need to pay in full by may 30th in order to get these prices. turn-around time will depend on how many orders i get and what you want, but kilts, skirts, pants and dresses i've made before usually take two weeks from start to shipping.

custom kilts and cargo skirts, 'rivet swing' pants, 'princess' dresses or any $200 of sewing for $150 + shipping. if you pick a fabric i have in my stash, that's included; if not, send me your measurements and talk to me about what you want - i'll tell you how many yards you'll need and make fabric recommendations. please note: i do make kilts for people with curves, unlike utilikilts etc.

any $300 of work for $225 (an unlined coat/cassock direct from the pattern for example), any $400 for $300 (a fully lined and custom tailored coat/cassock) and so-on. if i have to ship it to you i'll charge you for shipping when it's ready to send. fabric is the same as above - if it's something i have in my fabic collection materials are included; if not let's talk.

vests; swing influenced dresses; circle skirts; two a-line or straight skirts; two pairs of pirate/ren pants or two t-tunics are now $75 each (or any $100 worth of work).

i can make pretty much anything you can dream up with the exception of corsets (i wear loads of them, but have yet to make one myself). that said i'll be honest if there's something you want i don't think is in my skill set or you'd get a better deal elsewhere. you can comment here, or on the savage gods facebook page or email me (this username at aol)

here's some of what's in my fabric stash...
black & grey plaid, purple canvas with black floral pattern (reversible to plain purple), green, black & white plaid, candy apple red vinyl

white vinyl, black & white stripped canvas

there are lots more plaids, silver/grey crushed velvet, white canvas, black denim, various fishnets, purple sheer with spider web pattern, lightweight cotton jersey/t-shirt material, etc...

swing influenced dress

custom poofy skirt

assassin's creed cosplay

dune cosplay

custom kilt

princess dress

new coat (it still needs a collar or hood and cuffs - i'm designing as i go along here, and can't decide what i want to do)

there are more images of my work here: (sorry about some of the image quality - the fashion show and club pictures were taken in low light)

p.s. i also have a lot of clothes and things for sale - everything must go so make me an offer
dresses, tops, pants & skirts:
corsets, bustiers & cinchers:
london underground 9 buckle boots:
shark hand-forged sword pommel katana:

lastly, if you'd like to help out a little but can't afford or don't want new clothes, paypal me $25 and i'll send you a custom cell phone or glasses sleeve or a change purse made out of flannel or velvet or jersey from my remnants - here's what my phone sleeve looks like...
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