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wasteland weekend in disjointed thoughts... first and most important: that was well worth my energy and pain, i had a fantastic time. thanks to everyone who made it possible, especially luke for getting me out there!

but i could have done some things better, starting with: don't turn down the wrong road (two run parallel at the first turn headed offsite, the further one has a washout). luke had early admission tuesday because he was doing opening security, so i had to leave site and spent about 3 hours stuck in the sand trap with several other cars before one of the many folks who stopped managed to pull me out... finally got back to california city & slept for about 4 hours in the ace parking lot til friends showed up unexpectedly and we picked up supplies before heading back onsite. having fresh melon to share was a hit! also, make sure your gauze hoody is accessible for the wait breaks on the way in.

load in was surprisingly easy thanks to luke having set up my tent tuesday night and i relaxed in the shade attaching lighting to my cane or with a good book until evening (theme for my weekend - bring books!).

wednesday evening/night i wandered through the theme camp area, caught up with a lot of friends, made out with a sweet pretty boi (pack toys & protection even if you are sure you won't want them) & spent a few hours dancing on a box at the pit. new rocks are fine in the desert, but their boxes are boardwalk style & stilettos get stuck - bring more chunky heels!

i slept for shit though - it's been long enough since i did any camping that i forgot how damp everything gets at night; took me two days to figure it out. plenty of blankets etc but i couldn't stay warm and my fibro was a massive pain. i need to pick up a propane tent heater for camping trips.

thursday i finally slept after the sun warmed things up - in my tent til it got too warm, then in a sling chair in the shade but not enough. after lunch i wandered around, spent some time with olya greg omar amanda & co, hit bartertown etc. caught sid at deathguild & talked for an hourish on their porch which was perfect. as i was leaving, one of the many art cars gave me a ride to camp - obvious freak in high heels ftw (another theme for the weekend - take the offered rides and pay attention when they drive by camp so you can see more but walk less!)

aj & poisal are here! make dinner to share (mac & cheese with refried beans and extra cheese is a good choice), get dressed & head out for more fun. #dgtd opens tonight, be sure you make it at 10pm for marisa's aria!
attaching your drink & phone case to the d-rings your clothes doesn't work for you - your small backpack is much less annoying! masks with dresstape are great - no need for makeup except copious repeated moisturizer & lipgloss.

el hoop skirt is not as bright as your cane - be more cautious about staying on the main roads so you don't get caught on the shrubs and lose your phone trying to untangle yourself. also, add portable layers (net underskirt or leggings, sleeves etc) in your backpack & a handwash/lotion kit because purell is shredding your skin. dance a little, search for phone, call it a night early because you're pissed at yourself & want to be up to check security/try to retrace steps before it gets too hot.

friday - search for phone at sunrise since you're up, check security a few times, lots of phones but not yours. nap & read in shady chair, eat leftover mac & cheese for dinner. mini photoshoot in the scrub as the sun is heading down lifts mood so get dressed early & catch ride to masquerade before eight. gentleman who found your phone returns it as you leave #dgtd opening to make another check at security - you are easy to spot at night even masked (win).

get enough charge on phone to check in that all is well (invest in battery/solar charger of your own), refill drink & take all the meds & pack backups - tonight you dance! watch omar & ? battle in thunderdome then spend hours on the box at the pit, occasionally yelling comments to white rabbit dancing above/behind you. reactions from the other dancers make you happy and you are seriously amused by the young couple who decides to turn a kiss into not quite sex leaning against the piling at your feet. point out the offering to rabbit & share a wtf but hey tribute moment. thank waffle profusely for allowing me to monopolize the box all night except for a few bathroom breaks. stumble back to camp (thank fuck for my cane), curl up in comfy chair and read for a while - all the endorphins in the world can no longer cover for the pain. crawl in bed for a while but pretty much fail to sleep until mid-morning when it warms up enough for knots to relax a bit because you cannot handle more meds. next year try to pace yourself better!!

saturday is all about good books & catnaps and people who drop into camp. i overdid it friday by a fucking mile and i'm nauseous as fuck from pain and all the meds last night. finally get some food down, get dressed & catch a ride again. meet up with aj & poisal in one of the theme camp bar areas & have a wonderful conversatiom with aj, see the end of boulet brothers & a fire show at mainstage. last opening at dgtd is as awesome as the first. a bit of wandering, friends playing pool, stop by to thank the pit staff & try briefly to dance but nope, nope, nope. back to camp by midnight-ish curl up with another book, manage some sleep.

pack up to head home sunday morning (remember work gloves!! & a towel for the carseat). looked up food options on the way out because i'm starving. thank fuck i can have protein style burgers & fries at in & out.

i needed to bring more smokes, pepsi, birch beer & amaretto (shared more than i planned but didn't quite run out) next year. mandarin orange cups & eggs would have been nice. otherwise i did well on food etc though. put a hard folding chair just outside tent door to remove shoes & drag in less sand/as support for climbing in & out. also put empty packing bin just inside door for laundry, maybe a rug too.

i had the soles on both my new rocks & my demonias peel apart from the combination of heat & sand... they're being fixed (new rocks with added stitching), but that was annoying and meant i was down to one pair of boots by friday night. so i will keep an eye open for new heels during the year, with sewn on soles.

takeaways - i missed pretty much anything that happened during the day to coping with broken. i'm fine with that, but hoping next time to have more people come see me (maybe a friday & saturday cocktail hour?). i should do better to pick up rides during the day because no vehicles are allowed at night. camp closer to the city next time? don't lose your phone! fix it so i can sleep at night & try to pace myself better. but fuck that was a good weekend and i will be back if i can swing it.
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