alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

i'm tired of working with idiots

so i just had a co-worker ask me so many stupid questions that i stopped answering and referred him to the reference materials he's had for a month but never bothered to read... this is getting ridiculous and very frustrating!! he tells me he can't ping the customer equipment, but he hasn't even checked to see if the port is built on our router... it wasn't... needless to say, that is not the only problem with the circuit, but how stupid are you that you don't check to see if the customer's line exists on our router? and earlier today i was training with a new co-worker on some of the new tools we're getting, she was re-locating a customer and when he couldn't get out all she could think of was to sit in the router on our side of the line and keep pinging him... after about 10 mins of this, i finally said why don't you get out of our network and see if you can get to him from the real world (ie: the rest of the internet)... that will give us an idea of where the traffic is getting lost... her response was "real world?" how do i do that? this girl has been an internet tech for over 2 years now, and she doesn't know enough to run a test from outside our network? i am so fucking tired of incompetent, idiotic co-workers... if this keeps up, i'm going to change departments or something... end of rant... 1/2 an hour and then i can change and head to the club... yippee!!
Tags: dancing, work

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