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asleep at mal 9/09
my weekend 
3/5/02 12:46
asleep at mal 9/09
overall, my weekend was pretty good, but had a few strange things happen... the play was good, everyone seemed to enjoy it, and afterward karen & ben, zooom & i went out to dinner, and i apparently got food poisoning from fried mozzerella at denny's (hence i didn't make it to dollhouse friday night :P )... sat in new york was fun, got to see becka & cypher, devon & saieeda and do some shopping... zooom spent way too much money on a really cool vest, i spent very little in comparison on a new corset... went and checked out their sat nite goth/industrial club in manhatten, downtime... music was ok, space wasn't bad except for the overused smoke machines (people in dc complain about the smoke at nations, but downtime was 10x worse, to the point that all of us had problems with our eyes burning), but the sound system was only ok, and the djs weren't as good as our djs here... finally got back to stacia's about 4:30 in the morning sunday... sunday was relaxing and fun until we went to get ready to leave only to discover that i had a flat tire... we were unable to get the tire off (lug nuts too tight due to air ratchet use) and neither was the towtruck guy (we broke our lug wrench, stripping one of the nuts so badly that my car had to be towed to a tire place to have the tire fixed)... needless to say, that didn't happen til monday, so gus & i stayed to deal with my car, and karen, ben, zooom, flame & watson got home very late sunday night... i missed work yesterday (gus had off), but such is life... at least the flat happened at stacia's house, and not on the turnpike or in the tunnel... must work now...
3/5/02 14:54 (UTC) - New Friend to add
Signed Stacia up today.
She is listed as Staciadevi.
She hasn't had a chance to post yet, but will soon enough i hope.
Thought i would let ya know.
Time to shut the brain functions back down to minium and get back to work.
catch ya laters,

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