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asleep at mal 9/09
gorgeous day!! 
3/14/02 12:34
asleep at mal 9/09
after the icky rain the last few days, today is so amazing my mood is great... bright, sunny day, temps are already almost 60, headed toward 70+ the next few days... plus it's thursday, alchemy nite, and work has been a bit better this week... in other news, we had a house full of people last nite for southpark (i'm not a huge fan anymore, but my housemates are), and it was a relaxing evening; i even got all zooom's work clothes laundered (although the pool table is now piled with clothes) over the past 2 days... want to go outside and bask in the sun (unlike most of the freaks i know, i actually like the sun, and get a fabulous tan)... maybe i'll go have a smoke