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top 10 reasons to date a herper (reptile person)

1-they will never object to vacationing somewhere warm and exotic
2-they recognize the importance of courtship before breeding
3-they take pride in utilizing the proper diet to achieve maximum size potential
4-they pack a big stick wherever they go
5-they are good at controlling long muscular things
6-they know all about rapid tongue flicking
7-probing is second nature to them
8-they know all about proper breeding techniques
9-they always think safety first when poking and prodding around
10-they always know the proper procedure when exploring a promising looking hole

(for those of you who don't know, my hubby and i have currently filled all the available space in our living room with adopted reptiles... a huge, free-roaming iguana, 3 ball pythons, a burmese python and a south florida king... we'd probably have more, but we're majorly out of housing space for our babies)
Tags: geek, life with zooom, media/funny/etc, on the east coast

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