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tired, but great weekend

friday's dinner was good, and everyone came back to the house afterwards for some conversation; was definately an interesting evening... saturday i was extremely lazy... i spent the whole day sleeping and reading... i finished the ghormangast trilogy... not sure of my thoughts on it yet, i'll probably post more once i process it a bit... finally got my ass moving about 7ish, went and picked up my girlfriend and we went for indian food and then to catacomb... had a good time (they've even re-arranged the layout and taken out some railings so the dance floor is a bit more spacious) and saw some people i haven't seen in a while... we briefly stopped by an after hours party and then i actually got to see her apartment... is about as messy as my house, but quite nice... needless to say i got very little sleep sat night when i finally made it home and crawled into bed; but we had a good time at the gun range (i can't figure out why i'm pulling to the left with the pistol which has the good sites, and with the pistol which has basically no sights i'm pretty damn accurate)... we really need to get extended releases for some of the mechanisms on our gun... is very comfortable to shoot, but i have a really hard time changing the clip and releasing the slide... my hands are a bit too small... the pub crawl was fun, but very wet, and the weather definately didn't help my arthritis at all... although the organization wasn't great... i think next year i'll take the list call the various bars on the list and see before hand which ones are actually open and if they have cover charges, etc on the day in question so we don't wind up going to 4 different bars which are closed/have a high cover/not serving alcohol in a row... zooom's outfit was blinding as usual, at one point he was standing near some black light fixtures in one of the bars, and his entire outfit was glowing... ouch... i got a nice compliment though... johnny said with the exception of the facial scarring, etc. i looked kinda like a cinnabite... finally dragged zooom out of the bars about 5 to go home for a nap, slept about an hour before my housemates woke me up, then went to nations for the funkervogt show... i like their music, but i wasn't terribly impressed with their live performance... not sure if it was the lack of stage presence or the poor mixing on the sound that was more disappointing... still a good nite, got home at a decent hour and actually got sleep, but i am so wiped out i have a feeling i'm going to fall asleep at my desk today... that's about it for now, time to do some work
Tags: dancing, dating, kink/sex, life with zooom, on the east coast, poly/open, weekend plans, work

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