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calmer at work, so here's details on my weekend

friday nite went bowling with michael, cindy, jer & marcy - not quite as bad as i expected, but i still don't like bowling... went home, and passed out... spent saturday morning/afternoon sleeping and reading, then when zooom got home started cleaning out snake tanks and feeding them, and went to the grocery store & cooked steak dinner... we spent the evening at home, quiet time is something we haven't had together recently as we're so busy and our work schedules are so different... we talked, fooled around, drank, and watched movies all nite... watched the new vampire hunter d movie, i loved the animation, but was a bit disappointed with the story line, liked the 1st one better... sunday was sewing circle; i completed zooom's ugly green cargo shorts and fixed a few things that needed repair; then everyone but is left and gus drove over to join us for dinner... love that the good chinese place now delivers... zooom & i both fell asleep while we were all watching the original batman, but i woke up enough to say goodnite and hang out with gus a bit before he went to work... that was about it; was a really nice weekend overall
Tags: creativity, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans

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