alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

life story, part i

since multiple friends and co-horts have been posting histories; and many of you probably know little about my past, here's a start...

i was born on 10/22/66 (my mother's 18th birthday) at about 6am in a small hospital in columbia, pa (that makes me a libra/scorpio cusp according to the astrological calender i use)... i was born with severe astigmatisms and cross eyed... since the state of optomotry wasn't as advanced then as it is today, the surgery they did to allow me to see was very painful (especially to a 1 1/2 year old) and only partly successful; i'm legally blind in my left eye (and it moves independently from my right, especially when i'm tired, which freaks people out)... i spent my very early years living with my mother at my grandmothers' houses while dad went to college; when i was about 2, my great-grandma sophie died (yes, i do remember her - she and my grandma marie had to hold me down while my mother put drops in my eyes after the surgery; i also remember her or dad giving me a pillow cover shaped like a pink bunny rabbit complete with ears... remember her handing it to me one evening after the trauma of having drops put in), and shortly after that (age 3 1/2) i became a big sister... once my dad finished college, we moved with him to new york where he was working; we lived in the basement apartment of a brownstone on 23rd off the east river for our 1st few years there, then moved to 56th between 5th & 6th... i went to private christian schools (yuck) and basically hated everything about it; i was not an attractive child (frizzy dark hair, overbite bigger than bugs bunny), and i was smart, so of course i was the subject of much ridicule... on the other hand, i got to grow up in a fabulous city, and since my dad worked in international textiles we were dragged to various dinners and functions, taught the proper way to behave in adult situations, and respect others customs... we also had an extended family in the pa/nj/ny area whom we would visit on vacations... at least a week at the beach, and a week in the countryside in pa every year, plus family gatherings at my great-grandparents house with lots of other kids (extended family) and other vacations... only one major problem... my parents hated each other, and a divorce was soon to happen... to be continued
Tags: history (aka life pre-lj), on the east coast

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