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asleep at mal 9/09
friday!! :) 
4/5/02 11:20
asleep at mal 9/09
had a fairly good nite... before going out i stopped at chevy's for dinner, was very amusing that they were playing cheesy 80's in the bar; made me feel my age that the music i was listening to in high school is now oldies... at the club, didn't dance as much as i would have liked... david j sounded good, but his music was a bit too mellow; and the music on the other side was mixed at best... did have an interesting conversation with woods (from dc freaks) and sam... both are heavily into politics, and they got pretty in depth, but not over my head quickly... decent nite over all, am looking forward to dancing more tonight though (or if not tonight, definately saturday)
4/5/02 9:26 (UTC)
i completely forgot that David J was playing last night...that would have been fun...still looking forward to tonight....