alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

good weekend :)

friday's dinner was great, we grew from a small group to 20 people between 4 & 7 p.m... everyone seemed to enjoy mongolian grill... went by is's to change/get beautiful, then went to dollhouse (is won the siousxie look alike contest - no surprise there, she looked fabulous!) and it was mucho crowded and hot... the back room at the black cat needs some better ventilation if they are going to continue to hold events there!! music was as awesome as i expected, and i danced a bit... hung out w/ jose for quite a while, got to meet a few more people from the board as well... not enough dancing to make me happy though... lazy day saturday, did some housework and finished "'tis" the follow up to angela's ashes... not quite as good as the 1st, but a good read none-the-less... totally neglected to call my cute girl; hope she's not mad at me... gus picked me up on the way to orpheus... we danced lots (i was sweating so much my hair was drenched, he went outside and steam was coming off him) and then went to breakfast at towson diner w/ michael, paige, her new boy (tony?), alex, straiter, danny and one other guy... food was ok; michael was so out of it, if i didn't know he doesn't drink i'd have sworn he was 3 sheets to the wind... gus took me home and i fell into bed... sunday was sewing day; got up at noon (damn spring forward... only about 4 hours sleep) and spent 2 hours cleaning up the roommates mess in the kitchen; is showed up about 1 and john & naomi about 2, got several pairs of tights re-sized for zooom, also fixed my tulle skirt (thanks for the help, is) and took measurements for the stuff we've ordered from amrtine... ordered food and all of us watched the dark crystal... i passed out almost immediately after finishing my pizza... definately a good weekend though
Tags: creativity, dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, poly/open, weekend plans

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