alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

my history, part ii

part i was posted on 3/29/02

a bit more detail on my early education... didn't go to nursery school but i started kindergarten early at age 4, was almost instantly bored with schoolwork, and was the subject of endless ridicule (in addition to being younger and smarter than most of my classmates, i was saddled with a larger overbite than bugs bunny)... i did have a really good 1st grade teacher (ms. madison) who started me on advanced reading classes on the 2nd day to keep my interest... by 3rd grade school had gotten to be miserable, and i now had the beginnings of braces and wore headgear (complete with a mesh headpiece) to start straightening out my teeth... also by 3rd grade, my parents had seperated, and my dad (i was definately a daddy's girl in many respects... he spent a lot of time indulging my curiosity about how things worked and my love of books) only got to see me once or twice a month... school continued in this vein until i graduated elementary school; the only really enjoyable parts of my school day were chorus and time in the library (i used to annoy the librarians constantly by making them call my parents for permission to let me have books i wasn't supposed to read)... after elementary school i went to a new school to start junior high... finally got some classes that challenged me a bit, starting with algebra in 7th grade; still had almost no friends though (and still had braces, plus, i was short and beginning to get fat - not at all attractive)... after my parents separation, mom began to get into the drug scene (early 70's, lots of pot, coke, and pills) and dated too many guys to remember... the summer between 6th and 7th grade also had some very negative effects... a nasty custody battle between my parents (dad lost even though i wanted to stay with him and at 13 new york law said i had a say, so mom lied and said he was an alcoholic; i still haven't totally forgiven her, but we have become friends)... mom's newest boyfriend andy was also a big problem; i developed a strong hatred for my mother, andy, and myself, i was depressed and started to eat massive amounts to comfort myself/have control of my life... i started running away, taking off to my dad's whenever possible... but some things were good too... my dad rented a cabin at the beach (long island) every summer with friends; we spent about 2 weeks total there, and i got my first real kiss (i can't remember his name, but he was really cute, with feathered dark hair and almost black eyes) and went sailing for the 1st time... up next, junior high continued and high school
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