alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

part iii continued

i realized last night that yesterday i spent a lot of time talking about the negative parts of my teenage years in new york, and left out the positive stuff that was just as important... i don't want anyone to feel sorry for me; all the experiences in my life contributed to who i am and the wonderful life i have today; most importantly i learned to take the bad with the good

some of the good things about growing up in new york were the sheer diversity of the people i had the opportunity to meet and the things i got to do and see as a teen... in addition to the clubs i got to see pink floyd's the wall at madison square garden (and other shows too); went to see the rangers and the knicks with dad; i went to the theatre, a lot, the 1st broadway show i saw was oklahoma! (i went to see many more after that), and shakespeare in the park was always fabulous; i spent countless hours wandering around moma, the met, and various galleries; my school took regular trips to see symphonies, ballet and opera at lincoln center (i even liked some of the operas i saw); i went to jazz shows with my dad; i got to ice skate at rockefeller center at christmas and to do new years in times square... i grew up in an awesome city (and i still miss living there)... i also got a good education... i went to a private school (although i hated it there, i definately learned more about learning than i would have in a public school)... most importantly for later life, i learned to be self-sufficient and that even though lots of things were wrong with my world i could be happy
Tags: deep? thoughts..., history (aka life pre-lj)

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