alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

good weekend

had a good weekend; we didn't actually manage to make it to the celtic festival (too far to drive) so gus & zooom & i went to georgetown and wandered about and did some shopping... i found a really cute pair of mary janes on sale (woot!) and they are steel toed to boot - no more crushed toes at concerts... gus & is & zooom & i went out to dinner sat nite for mexican - that was nice, then gus & dem & i went to orpheus and danced our asses off... had a great time; successfully explained to adam the reason i dislike the new version of the power set (rammstein, et al) and i miss his old school power sets (headcrash/accumen/etc)... the newer power sets are too fast, metal industrial as opposed to industrial with a funky dance beat; after the club the 3 of us went to p.m.d. for some food and conversation... drive home was long and slow (heavy rain and fog), but other than that a perfect evening... sunday was spent doing stuff with zooom's family (fixing a bedframe and taking care of some computer stuff for pop pop & grammy) and taking care of housework - pop pop seemed to be doing a bit better than the last time i saw him - at least he walked to the table for lunch and seemed more with it mentally... grammy said he's having a hard time mentally - some days lucid and active, other days totally confused about everything... it must be really hard to deal with... time to work now, maybe more later... oh yeah... today's weather is pretty icky - cold and windy out, apparently there were tornadoes all over southern maryland last night; glad i missed that
Tags: dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast

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