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life is getting toooo busy (anyone want tix to sweeny todd may 11th?)

alright... i know i shouldn't complain, but there is too much going on in the next few months and i'm getting stretched way thin and having to cancel things i wanted to do... next friday i am supposed to go to a show, a movie opening, and a party, all after work; sat i'm going to see nick cave with my girlfriend, but have also been invited to another show and the usual club nights, the 11th of may i'm supposed to go see sweeny todd at the kennedy center, wanna see apop/beborn beton at nation, and need to be in new jersey... ; the weekend of the 18th is penn lite (whole weekend gone); then 5/25 is balticon; 5/31- christian's b-day (we're hosting a party); 6/7 - creepcon; 6/16 - amarynth & blue's in philly... i am never going to get caught up on sewing and stuff at this rate; i'll need a vacation to prepare for my vacation... ah well, life is good, i'm happy and have lots of friends to keep me busy, i just wish i had more free time and less work!!
Tags: creativity, dancing, dating, life with zooom, on the east coast, poly/open

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