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great weekend!!

the wonderful weekend made up for the bad night thursday... got to ride everything i wanted to at 6 flags (favorites are houdini, batman, medusa & nitro); got to spend time with barry & walter, bells, alexa & angel, amarynth & blue, stacia & joel, becka & doug, devon & saieeda, and lots of other people (can't remember all the names)... saturday night after the park, we went back to stacia's had some food, relaxed and got a good nites sleep... then sunday morning stacia made us a fabulous brunch and we packed the cars... is headed home and zooom & i headed into nyc to pick up watson & have lunch w/ becka, doug, devon & saieeda... went to rodeo grill... very good food and great company... down to the village for some shopping; zooom didn't have much success (a t-shirt and jacket), but watson & i both found some very cool stuff... another corset, 3 skirts, a dress and a shirt for me, all on sale (about $200 total); watson got the pants he's been looking for and a jacket... drive home sucked, but such is life... jersey traffic was ridiculous... had a decent nights sleep when we finally got home; will unpack the cars this evening
Tags: life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans

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