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history continued - previous entry 4/24/02

influenced by miss stacia to keep going...

senior year sucked... i was transplanted to a new school, in hickville, where i was bored out of my skull; the only class that wasn't light-years behind where i was at the end of my junior year was my ap biology class; that was actually new material to me (dissecting frogs and fetal pigs was gross, but educational) and my teacher was good (the same teacher my mom had for ap bio 18 years before)... i had approximately 0 friends, of course (still kinda fat, with retainers & glasses); there were a few saving graces - i got to learn to drive and worked some nights at a neat little cafe with good food... did the odd couple, a thorn with roses and the king & i (tuptim) with the theatre... sang in about 4 different choirs at school and regionals for the state chorus (didn't make states though... not enough high range)... spent a ridiculous amount of time ditching class for theatre/choir stuff, still graduated top 10 in my class (go figure - i think my average was about 3.8 my senior year - i lost points in a couple of classes for missing quizzes, etc)... looked at colleges - decided i wanted to go to u. penn... got in, rents didn't allow it though (i was a minor; mom didn't want me living in the city alone)... so i decided on juniata college - small science intensive school about an hour away from penn state (nearest "large" town)... it was not as bad as it could have been, there weren't a whole lot of freaks, but there were a few; classes were easy and i partied a lot (since i was grandfathered in to being able to drink at 18) as there was not a whole lot else to do there... worked at the radio station ("alternative show"), joined the ski team (free slope time) and managed the soccer team for my first 2 years... main problem was that i was stuck in the middle of nowhere without a car and that - like all college campuses - the food sucked... stayed to take summer classes between freshman & sophmore year and met a wonderful guy (nathan - taught photography part time on campus - son of my physics prof - dr. pfrogner hated that) and moved off campus - good sex, mellow summer, and not at home (except for visits - watching my 15 year old sister do lines of coke off the dining room table really freaked me out - i didn't do drugs at all - too much history from mom)... i really liked my independence... started as a pre-med major, but didn't like the bio part at all and i wasn't really very good at it, so i switched to chem engineering my sophmore year... did exceedingly well in classes with little-to-no work (some of my classmates disliked that i ruined the curve, but tough shit); things were pretty good... made some good friends, drove to penn state occasionally for shows (dead milkmen was the most memorable - we drove through a major snowstorm to get there, only about 25 people made it to the show, but they were great)... then (as expected) my junior year things got bad... nathan and i were up at the cliffs over the river near campus, he was drunk and fell while showing off... he didn't make it... that was very difficult to deal with, and since i was with him pfrogner blamed me... follow this with a major explosion in the inorganic chem lab (i somehow managed to get a by-product of tnt out of an experiment) - several thousands of dollars of equipment and the about 1/2 the hair on my head went up in smoke... luckily i was wearing a full face mask so i didn't burn my face... new nickname - michael (after jackson - this was about the same time as the pepsi commercial incident)... decided i needed to get away for the summer, so i moved to baltimore with my friend joe... waited tables, stayed with his family - his mom, miss barb, was a bit nuts, (italian mother) but treated me like one of the family... i decided to stay in baltimore (joe went back to school), transfer to university of maryland baltimore and finish my degree somewhere with less baggage for me... took a chem class and filled my schedule with fun stuff (transferring meant i needed to take additional credits to graduate) including video... i loved it... i decided to change my major and get a degree in film and video as i didn't really like chemistry (although i was good at it)... best thing i could have done... suddenly i had to work at school (there's a first time for everything) - since science and math came so easily, the creative stuff was an effort - but i did well... worked as program manager at the radio station and met tons of people through there (still friends with one of them - jose - former yuppie now pretty goth boy) joe and i got an apartment together my 2nd summer in baltimore - he broke up with his fiancee (h.s. sweetheart) and i shoved him out of the closet (we all knew he was gay) into the arms of a really great guy... joey started doing drag and i started doing dressing for the drag shows in baltimore - made a little money, had a great time doing it... by this point i had also accepted the fact that i was bi; my first couple of girlfriends (meghan & mel) were completely nuts, but i wouldn't trade those experiences for anything... $ problems made me move back to pa with mom (but kept going to school - commute from york to baltimore was not good) for a semester, then i moved back to baltimore to a beautiful, huge studio near where i was working... ceiling caved in due to leak in the roof, so i moved to a huge apartment with joe... 3 bedrooms, hardwood floors, 18' ceilings, bay window, awesome view - damn i miss that place... graduated finally (1988), kept waiting tables but started working for shakespeare on wheels as well (touring outdoor theatre - big rig unfolded to stage); also fell in love with my best friend on the tour, jacob (he was too young, it didn't last, but the summer was pretty wonderful) then moved home w/ mom for a while (joe and i had a falling out - his new boyfriend didn't like me) and worked some really shitty jobs in pennsylvania... miserable... only good thing was i was driving mom's spare car (rx7 - wheee) - one day i just got sick of york and decided to go join joe (he'd moved to florida for a while) so i took the car, some clothes, and went - mom was mad, and i couldn't stay down there indefinately (florida is nice to visit, but i couldn't live there, and joe and i were still fighting) so i came home, found a better job and began frequent trips to baltimore with friends to find apartment/good job down there... another summer w/ shakespeare on wheels and started grad school at university of maryland college park... new apartment - 1 bedroom, also hardwood floors and high ceilings, 3rd floor w/ roof out window for suntanning/parties)... touring theatre was lots of work, but fun at the same time... best place - old civil war battlefield in pa, worst place - cumberland md/keiser wva - dry county with obscenity laws like you wouldn't believe - they threatened to arrest us for swearing during set up and locked us into the dorms at night... and i missed the 1st lolapalooza while there... suck!! we were still touring on weekends when grad school started, still, i managed to pull decent grades (had to play catch-up on stuff as i didn't have a theatre degree)... also started managing the umbc dance company and worked in their theatre office for quite some time to help pay the bills... i know more about non-profit organizations and their funding than anyone should have to... also got to work on some great shows and learned a lot about design and tech for theatre, dance and multi-media stuff... my 1st year at maryland i started attending some parties with the undergrad theatre freaks and met zooom for the 1st time... continued to do shakespeare on wheels summer/fall for 3 more seasons too... enough for now... grad school later!!
Tags: history (aka life pre-lj), life with zooom, on the east coast

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