alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

weekend update...

saturday was good, i ran some errands, accomplished the laundry, cooked dinner - meatloaf, mashed potatoes & greek salad (zooom's request) for the 4 of us going to see pet shop boys... the show was packed; so packed we could barely see the band, however, they sounded great, and we enjoyed ourselves... afterward at the urging of christine we proceeded to orpheus where we danced and hung out for a bit... sunday wasn't such a good day... apparently i have another in an endless series of ovarian cysts, but after spending the day laying around and taking pain killers i feel much better... why won't they just remove my ovaries? it's not like i want kids... beautiful spring-like day out today - clear, sunny, cool but not cold... weather like this definately makes me miss the touring theatre thing (set-up outdoors, lots of fun in good weather)... work beckons with more repetitive drudgery (i have a job, i have a job, i have a job)
Tags: dancing, life with zooom, medical, work

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