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asleep at mal 9/09
today is zooom & my 2 year wedding anniversary (7+? years together) 
5/20/02 16:05
asleep at mal 9/09
my hubby is wonderful, makes me happy... i wouldn't trade him for anything (well maybe david bowie, but that's not going to happen)... recently had a friend i only see once or twice i year ask me who i made a pact with cause i look younger every time i see her... it's not that i've made a pact with anyone, it is that i am fabulously happy and well loved by a little kid who happens to be almost 30 (keeping up with the zooomy keeps me young)... anyway, honey, you're handsome, cute, funny, and i love you!!
5/20/02 13:31 (UTC) - Yay!
congrats to you both :)

Jen (a.k.a Lupette, a.k.a. that short blond chick)
5/20/02 15:26 (UTC)
5/20/02 15:42 (UTC)
I still tell people about your wedding! :) The Japanese couldn't process the idea of a purple zuit suite and matching gown for a little while. . . I'm getting through. . . slowly. Grin*

Congradulations to both of you!
5/20/02 16:05 (UTC)
okay NOW I gotta see pics of this :)

and Congrats :)
5/20/02 15:49 (UTC) - Congrats
Congrats to you both! And I wish many more on yoU!
5/20/02 20:36 (UTC)
congrads my friends...
5/21/02 6:04 (UTC)
5/21/02 13:29 (UTC)
Congratulations!!! Here's to many more years together! ::raises glass in a toast::