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asleep at mal 9/09
5/22/02 18:07
asleep at mal 9/09
con rooms for balticon and creepcon are finally fully arranged and confirmed; hopefully this year will go smoother than last year did!!
5/23/02 1:42 (UTC)

When is balticon? . . . I know a certain someone who will need some serious cheering up around the late August time period... Pensic is out. . . too much money and I don't think I'll be back in time. . .
5/23/02 8:18 (UTC) - Re:
balticon is this weekend, creepcon is june 7-9; pennsic is aug 3 - 17th, next big event after pennsic will be chiller con, at the meadowlands in hew jersey around halloween... late august/early september we usually throw a big bash for zooom's b-day; other than that most people are recovering from war/summer vacations/etc... i also think there is a major festival in canada in early august, not sure what though... i'll see if virginia or psyche can give me more info
5/26/02 15:52 (UTC) - Re:
Hug* Thanks! I think my next trip will either be back here or Whitby so I'll be saving for that, but I would really enjoy getting back to a con. . . I think the last one I went to was disclave where the hotel was flooded? Oh, and couple hours visiting Balticon. . .
5/28/02 9:02 (UTC) - Re:
if you are back in town in october, i highly recommend chiller con - fabulous costumes, they have a great dealers room and an amazing guest list... www.chillertheatre.com is their website for some initial info; i usually arrange a large block of rooms (a floor or more) for the freaks for that con; i'll keep you posted... you can check out pics from the last couple of years at www.black-pages.net
5/28/02 19:13 (UTC) - Thanks again, Kim!
... for getting the room! You rock!