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long weekend over :p

was a decent weekend... friday was freak dinner (really good kabobs at a place called moby dick's - lol) and star wars episode ii - movie was much better than the 1st one, although i agree with most everyone that i've talked to that anakin is not well cast - wooden acting and an accent that doesn't really fit!! got up saturday and went to balticon; it was a quiet convention - extremely quiet; about 20 freaks in attendance as opposed to the 20 rooms of freaks we usually have... pleasant weekend though... got to enjoy quiet time with friends; saturday night gus & i went to orpheus - michael was out, but adam was spinning fabulous music... at one point he showed a silent film version of phantom of the opera, seemed he was using the dance music to underscore the film - really liked what he was doing, need to ask him more about it... went back to the hotel, party had moved from the bar to our room; stayed up too late, but had a very good time... sunday we went out to paper moon for breakfast then checked out the art show (robert had some gorgeous pieces in the show) and the dealers room then made a brief detour to sowebo festival - outdoor arts festival - it was smaller than the last time i went about 5 years ago, but still lots of fun; people i ran into from previous years said that the weather has been terrible the last couple of years, so less vendors were out this year; since sunday was such a good day; i expect next year will see more stuff... ran into karen & ben, a bunch of other folks i know; we enjoyed a few hours there then headed back to the hotel for a nap... slept from about 4:30 to 8:30 then herded 10 freaks to the cheesecake factory at the harbor for dinner... lucked out, they had a 9 top set up but the group had left so we got seated immediately, outside where we could smoke, and our waitress was awesome... took our joking and teasing well... food was good, cheesecake was delicious (i chose the lemon raspberry cheescake - nice and tart)... back to the hotel, 11:30pm and they'd closed the bar for the nite, apparently without the freaks there is no reason for the hotel to keep the bar open... so once again, party in our room... mellow evening, sleep, woke up about 9:30 and headed home to start housework & prep for this weekend's party... watson came over to help which was great... basement is done except for dust/vacuum our bedroom, living room is done, smoking area fairly decent, kitchen/dining room look good; much was accomplished... also got zooom to clean out his closet... 3 large trash bags from him; 2 from john & heather; 3 from me and the front hall closet - all going to salvation army this afternoon... wow we accumulated a lot of junk!! woke up this morning to a note from christian - i had a flat tire... not a good thing, but this means that this week i get rid of the sucky tires that were on my car when i bought it - yeah!! no more sliding through turns and spinning tires in the rain!! work calls now; hope everyone else enjoyed their long weekend
Tags: life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans, work

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