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asleep at mal 9/09
whee... is thursday 
5/30/02 11:18
asleep at mal 9/09
am feeling very accomplished... laundry is done, bedroom and laundry room are done, tub has been cleaned (must do rest of bathroom tomorrow morning or convince one of the roommates to do it)... get to go dance tonight... will be tired but not nuts by the time party gets started, will be a busy but hopefully successful weekend :)
5/30/02 9:31 (UTC) - successful weekend
and we will all come around and trash everything and make huge messes all over....
and lots of fun will abound....
hee hee hee

now hopefully i will make it tomorrow night.
only another 12hrs here tomorrow.
5/30/02 9:32 (UTC) - Re: successful weekend
actually, getting the house cleaned pre-party is much more difficult than cleaning up afterwards... there are several of our friends who actually help me clean up the next morning so i don't get stuck with all the work :)