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asleep at mal 9/09
it's friday 
6/7/02 8:44
asleep at mal 9/09
short day today, leaving early to go to dana & naima's wedding... had a good time at the club last night, danced quite a bit (my feet hurt today - good sign)... slept almost none, am quite tired, but insomnia has been very prevalent this week... need to get out of here and run up to baltimore to check in to the hotel/make sure everything is correct on our block of rooms, then home, change/pack and off to the wedding... following that back to baltimore for the convention; i suspect that at some point this weekend i'll crash, at least for a while; i'm sure i'll miss out on something becuase of it, but still expect to have a very good time
6/7/02 7:00 (UTC) - insomnia
we'll do our best to keep ya going for the fun.
as long as someone promises to tell me when it starts.