alumiere (alumiere) wrote,

busy weekend

but it was fun... wedding started way late, but the ceremony was nice and the bride and groom looked great and happy... the site (seneca lodge near germantown) was a beautiful place for the wedding... dinner/reception was nice; everyone seemed to enjoy themselves; especially amusing were dana & naima's daughter sitting on mom's train during their 1st dance (i don't like kids, but she was awfully cute) and zooom & bagel playing with bagel's son loki... headed to hotel, everyone was there or just getting back from late dinner... hung out, partied some, quiet evening overall, actually even got some sleep from about 3am til 9am... got up, took the water taxi to fells point w/ karen, ben, gus, dianne & devon... did some shopping (i didn't get much, but did finally find my amber oil - kharmic connection had it)... headed back to hotel on water taxi and went over to wander around the con for a bit... ordered a custom corset for pennsic, zooom bought another pile of action figures as well... brief nap, then dinner en masse at the hotel restaurant... food was decent, but there was only one waiter on, and he was overwhelmed with tables (in addition to our 26 people there were at least 8 other 4 tops full)... after dinner relaxed for a bit, then changed to go dancing - saw lou & rob on the way out to the club (they were confused having not seen me as tall as i was in the club heels - lol), a few other con goers stopped by briefly but gus & i were the only ones that stayed til close... danced a bunch, talked a bit, christine was quite wasted and very funny... gus & i had to walk a few blocks to catch a taxi back to the hotel, found the party in full swing, had an enjoyable remainder of the evening, we did receive a few noise complaints from the hotel staff, but i suspect that was mostly due to the idiots (not us) out in the halls, not our actual groups noise... short nap (i slept poorly to boot) then up to pack/clean up our mess a bit/check out... went to convention to get fitted for the linen period dress martine is making me, and help fit zooom for his doublet... it is going to be quite a loud piece, but beautiful... zooom & i left con about 1:30, ran into barry & walter & got to say byes as we were picking up cars from hotel parking; zooom & i proceeded to sabatino's for a delicious lunch ( i wanted baked gnocci) and then home... unpacked, picked up some stuff and took care of the slithers, fell asleep watching ghost of mars (i was wiped)... woke up and munched a bit, watched the new series the wire on hbo (looks interesting - we shall see) and flipped channels til i passed out between 12 and 1... busy day at work, must get back to it
Tags: creativity, dancing, life with zooom, on the east coast, weekend plans

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