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asleep at mal 9/09
end of the day 
11/20/01 20:45
asleep at mal 9/09
busy day to start, things have gotten quiet now... zooom is sitting at home, glued to aol instant messanger and at least 10 chats, but now that we have a cable modem he can actually do that... watson, the office ninja, is going to come update some of our software in the hopes that we can make this pos run a bit better until we have money for a new one... and i am going to go to bed early so that i can get up and be in baltimore at 6 am in hopes of winning a new chip and motherboard (amd xp - they're giving 200 of them away) so we can build a new computer sooner rather than later... oh, and here's a site with some twisted music/video for everyone to check out... http://www.threebrain.com... gonads & strife and hypothermia are my favorites